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Rock Climbing

Our first recommendation for a sunny rock climbing vacation in Europe would definitely be Sardinia! This place is like made for combining excellent climbing with a sun and beach holiday. A mountainous island with a wild and spectacular rocky coastline containing high and steep cliffs as well as exotic sand beaches. Great weather through out the year, picturesque villages, good food and friendly people makes the list of wishes for a climb-sun-beach vacation complete.

Sardinia offers a wide variety of sport and adventure climbing. Many routes are generously bolted and great for starting to climb on lead and for developing multi-pitch skills. Routes are available at all levels. You find high quality sport climbs on over hanging, slabby or vertical walls; climbing in massive caves, off the beaches or on high cliffs rising straight out of the sea. The naturally protected adventure climbing is located more inland in the limestone gorges. Here you find big wall rock climbing, up to 400m on traditional gear for both beginners and experienced climbers. There is also seaside bouldering and deep water soloing for the full-on beach people.

The most popular climbing area on Sardinia is around the town Cala Gonone on the east coast. This is a rather touristy place and not very cheap, but still full of climbers. It is easy to find hotels or apartments for rent on-line. There is also a well equipped camping in town. For less fancy accommodation there is sheep farm (agriculturismo) up the hill above Cala Gonone, with beautiful view over the sea and the sunrise, where you can camp.