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The Goa Duchess – 350 Passenger Mini Ship – Seating Capacity 300 guests
First class sailing for 150-300 guests.
2 outside decks for enjoying the beautiful views of the Scenic Goa.
Beautiful wood dance floor with lighting for entertainment and dancing.
Full bar set up, full cooking galley, linens provided on all tables.
Catering House Inn. Full Dinner/Custom Menus.

Goa Duchess Highlights
Luxury Cruise
Quality Restaurant Dining Experience.
Lavish Deluxe Buffet.
Enjoy Traditional Live Bands,Live Music.
Exhibition Gallery for any Product Launch.
Fully air-conditioned lower decks.
Modelling related to ramp walks of various models like fashion show.
Theme Nights includes different theme on different night like on Monday Sufi Nights, Tuesday Rock Bands etc.
Life Jackets, Fire Safety, and Emergency Medical Kit.
See Goa New faceā€¦.

Goa Dining and Sitting Area

Goa Duchess Cruise offers adventure and entertainment while being introduced to the true face and history of Goa city. Goa Duchess Dinner Cruise combines Fun tours with romance, as you gently sail along Goa Creek, on a traditional Goa Jetty, by moonlight. Enjoy a splendid Continental Buffet Dinner. You can see the glittering and traditional waterfront of Goa. You will also see Tradition Live Bands. Goa Duchess Dinner Cruise starts Goa Jetty.