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wedding-on-cruiseThe most romantic place on earth is Goa Wedding Destination.
With stunning cruise, endless expanses of blue water in oceans, romantic sunsets and exquisite turquoise waters, Cruises offers the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding destination.

Wedding Destinations will make your dream wedding a reality!
Wedding Destination provides a truly unique service never seen before in our country. We have a “one stop shopping” approach that has 1 goal in mind; to make the planning & coordination of your Destination Wedding as simple & as stress-free as possible. Wedding Destinations has eliminated any doubt or stress you may have when planning your destination wedding.

wedding-on-cruise1We pride ourselves as Goa’s leading destination wedding specialists. Our team of exceptional consultants has really pushed the boundaries, traveling the globe & rounding up the most romantic & exciting wedding destinations imaginable. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the travel & wedding industries, arranged hundreds of weddings & have delivered the most important day of our couple’s lives on a platter – Silver of course!