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Beach Shacks“Beaches Hangout Zone”
When it comes to hanging around on the beach area, ‘Shacks’ are the best destination. Located on the beach these Shacks provide adequate shelter to those who might want stay away from the scorching sun and enjoy the sea breeze.
One can choose these Shacks on beach to stay and can start the day with the breakfast then splash in the waters the whole day or just laze on the beach.Some Shacks are well quipped with beach beds, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, masseurs, etc.
Shacks on BeachThese Shacks also provide some information about the happenings around the locality.Towards the evening just before sunset the sky fills with magical wonder, a sight that has left some spellbound. It is a must see phenomenon for anyone visiting Goa and if one is lucky enough one might be able to see the sun being swallowed by the sea. And to end the day one can dine at the beach at the shack of one’s choice.

Beach Shacks
Each shack has its own type of music, but at request music also played. Shacks are becoming increasingly popular with the tourists, as it is here that one can enjoy the beautiful beaches, and get a tan for free. For those who are not accustomed to the heat it is advisable to get under an umbrella for few minutes to prevented sunburn. Get the Shacks booking details before you plan to stay at any of these hangouts.